Revisited: Tamron 150-600 vs Canon 400 L

Update: Please check out the newer post

The weather is so bad this year. No sun, no snow, just grey clouds. Thats why this was shot at ISO 3200. I promise you to make something at ISO 100 or similar, wont make much of a difference.
The Canon lens doesn’t have a UV-filter anymore, from the initial test in my appartment, they looked equally good when UV removed. But outside, the same thing appears again, Tamron looks sharper.

Canon 100% Crop

Canon 100% Crop

Tamron 100% Crop

Tamron 100% Crop

Ive tried to test out the auto focus as well, but there simply aren’t that money birds around this time of the year. But all i can say is that it does hunt sometimes, but so does the Canon. It take a while to figure out how a lens behaves, so i need more time for a verdict.

I promise to update more as soon as ive got something to show. I work crappy hours for me to do day light shooting the next few days. But i will borrow a Canon 70D to show how it looks on a crop sensor for the people rocking the 7D and similar.

8 thoughts on “Revisited: Tamron 150-600 vs Canon 400 L”

  1. Yeah, it definitely looks better. But was the IS On or Off on the Tamron. If it was off then even more impressive. Otherwise it almost seems like the Canon has camera shake or something. I know some people might get upset again because the 400 looks soft or whatever, so just asking. 🙂

    1. Shot without IS on a tripod. 2 second delay to remove camera shake. I would like to try another copy of this lens. Dont think that many people has this laying around i guess.

    2. Ive been happy with the 400 so far. But pixel-peeping on other photos with the Canon 400mm shows it isnt that sharp to be honest.

  2. Hi, I wanted to ask if you used Af to perform the test. It is not that your 400 L suffer of front / back focus? You could try to do the test using the focus of the live view? I also have the 400 5.6 but I’m interested in the Tamron! Thanks

    1. If i do the test on something like 8m away, they look identical in IQ. But further away the canon does blurry. So i will try out doing it 100% with live view next time.

      1. Are you planning to do any more shots soon? I know we are close to the release here in the US, but I’m always wanting to see more shots 🙂

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