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GoPro Hero3 vs Hero2 – Side By Side

I had some time with the brand new GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition yesterday. I gave it a go against the older Hero2 too see if there is any major differences.

Settings Usws:
GoPro Hero 3: Silver Edition
No Housing
1080p 30fps
Auto WB
ProTune disabled
Latest firmware

GoPro Hero 2:
No Housing
1080p 30fps
Auto WB (Not possible to set WB on the Hero 2)
ProTune disabled
Latest firmware

As always, the white balance sometimes goes bananas. That’s why they look a little different.

Hero 3 lens is not as wide as the Hero 2. Still Good enough. The glass and the coating is better a lot better than the Hero2. Most noticeable when in contact with bright lights like in the first clip.

With the built in wifi, better lens, smaller and a better housing. The Silver edition is totally worth the extra money. Seems to do better with noise. Just slightly better image quality than the Hero 2.

If you already got a Hero 2, then i would go for the Hero 3: Black Edition. 4k, 2.7k etc..
for the extra bump in quality. It will hit stores November 20th, 2012.

Quick review: Rollei Bullet 4S (AEE SD20)

Looks like Rollei has upped their game with this little piece of machinery from AEE. The design is pretty much a copy of the GoPro’s and delivers about 80% of the quality as well.
But its not all about quality here, its about what you get for the money. This camera comes with everything for price of around €279 (2790SEK). Thats a alot of good stuff.

Lets compare this to the GoPro HD Hero 2. If you want the same setup as the Rollei Bullet 4S, its going to cost you. Just the LCD-backpac + wifi remote combined is €200.
The total would come to about €529. A pretty sweet deal.

The Bullet 4S comes with some nifty features that the Hero 2 doesnt have, like the built in laser pointer that helps you frame your shot when the camera’s lcd monitor is out of reach.
But its not all good. The build quality isn’t as good, cheap plastic details. Doesn’t really concern me since its suppose to be in the well built case.

* A lot of accessories included incl lcd and remote
* Laser pointer
* Normal camera tripod mount (both housing and camera itself)
* Price

* Quality could be better if it had higher bitrates
Build quality
Lacks 1080p 170 degrees
* The manual seems to have been translated by “Google Translate” on drugs

To me this is a good alternative t
o the GoPro’s if you are on a tight budget and still want quality video.  Bare in mind, the software in the camera has a really simple and unpolished design.
This was my initial thoughts, it might change at a later time.

Now to something you might want to see. Watch in 1080p. More videos will follow.