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Tamron 150-600: Review round-up


Tamron 150-600 @ 600mm

Update Only one left – 2014-01-22: Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC SP USD Zoom Lens (for Canon EOS Cameras)

Some reviews has been popping up the last few days, wish i could do one myself, but i prefer just helping out people with unedited samples.
Dustin Abbot’s review
Lensrentals Shoot-out
ePhotozines Technical test
Chewyenfook’s Shoot Out


I can really back up Dustin Abbot’s Pro’s & Cons-list. Pretty much spot on.

Revisited: Tamron 150-600 vs Canon 400 L

Update: Please check out the newer post

The weather is so bad this year. No sun, no snow, just grey clouds. Thats why this was shot at ISO 3200. I promise you to make something at ISO 100 or similar, wont make much of a difference.
The Canon lens doesn’t have a UV-filter anymore, from the initial test in my appartment, they looked equally good when UV removed. But outside, the same thing appears again, Tamron looks sharper.

Canon 100% Crop

Canon 100% Crop

Tamron 100% Crop

Tamron 100% Crop

Ive tried to test out the auto focus as well, but there simply aren’t that money birds around this time of the year. But all i can say is that it does hunt sometimes, but so does the Canon. It take a while to figure out how a lens behaves, so i need more time for a verdict.

I promise to update more as soon as ive got something to show. I work crappy hours for me to do day light shooting the next few days. But i will borrow a Canon 70D to show how it looks on a crop sensor for the people rocking the 7D and similar.

Samyang (Rokinon) 35mm f1.4 vs Sigma 35mm f1.4

Ive finally gotten around selling my Samyang 35mm since i got the Sigma.
I had a few hours left with the Samyang so i thought, what the hell. Put them head to head in a few short clips.

There are 2 things i haven’t noticed before doing this test.The Sigma has a wider field of view which i found pretty odd. It’s easily noticeable in my clips. The tripod was never re-positioned and the settings was never changed. I personally prefer it was wide as possible.

Hover mouse over the image

But on the plus side the Samyang seems to be maybe a 1/3 step brighter.

Give and take i guess. If you want some real field use out of the lens i would go for the Sigma, in a heartbeat. But if you want it for landscape, night or video.

YouTube Preview Image

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Sony DSC-HX50 – Video samples & comparisons

The HX-series from Sony has always been one of my favorite camera series. It’s the perfect point and shoot for most people. Easy, fast and super good video.

I gave the Sony HX50 a spin a few months back, but forgot to add it here.

YouTube Preview Image
This explains that there is a difference in field of view when using differect stabilization modes.

YouTube Preview Image
A piece of Swedish summer. Regular clips.

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