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Sony DSC-HX50 – Video samples & comparisons

The HX-series from Sony has always been one of my favorite camera series. It’s the perfect point and shoot for most people. Easy, fast and super good video.

I gave the Sony HX50 a spin a few months back, but forgot to add it here.

YouTube Preview Image
This explains that there is a difference in field of view when using differect stabilization modes.

YouTube Preview Image
A piece of Swedish summer. Regular clips.

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GoPro Hero3 vs Hero2 – Side By Side

I had some time with the brand new GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition yesterday. I gave it a go against the older Hero2 too see if there is any major differences.

Settings Usws:
GoPro Hero 3: Silver Edition
No Housing
1080p 30fps
Auto WB
ProTune disabled
Latest firmware

GoPro Hero 2:
No Housing
1080p 30fps
Auto WB (Not possible to set WB on the Hero 2)
ProTune disabled
Latest firmware

As always, the white balance sometimes goes bananas. That’s why they look a little different.

Hero 3 lens is not as wide as the Hero 2. Still Good enough. The glass and the coating is better a lot better than the Hero2. Most noticeable when in contact with bright lights like in the first clip.

With the built in wifi, better lens, smaller and a better housing. The Silver edition is totally worth the extra money. Seems to do better with noise. Just slightly better image quality than the Hero 2.

If you already got a Hero 2, then i would go for the Hero 3: Black Edition. 4k, 2.7k etc..
for the extra bump in quality. It will hit stores November 20th, 2012.

Samples: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20

Sony just recently updated one of my favorite waterproof cameras, DSC-TX10. The DSC-TX20 looks and handles pretty much the same as the DSC-TX10.
And to me, this is pretty much the same camera with a new design. But thats specs, images and video shows a lot more. It handles quite well and its diffidently the ultimate beach and vacation camera. Just as all $150+ Cyber-shot cameras these days, focus is blazing fast. Would i pick the TX20 over the TX10 at the current price, no.

I took this puppy for a spin. These photos were straight from the camera on Auto.

I took some video as well:

Available in:

Sony Alpha 57 (A57) – Video & 12fps samples

It finally arrived today, the Sony Alpha A57. I was eager to try out the video mode, cant say I’m impressed. The HX9V delivers better than this. Come an, Sony.
The colors are washed out and looks like it barely has 720 lines.

The full clip is available here:

On the other hand, if you want an good DSLR for the family, this camera is a treat. It’s as easy as a point and shoot and does really deliver when it comes to photo quality.
Don’t forget their 12fps with continues focus, perfect for soccer mom’s to use at their kids sports events or the amateur wild life photographer.

Click the image to see 12fps continues auto-focus in action.