Tamron 150-600: Review round-up


Tamron 150-600 @ 600mm

Update Only one left – 2014-01-22: Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC SP USD Zoom Lens (for Canon EOS Cameras)

Some reviews has been popping up the last few days, wish i could do one myself, but i prefer just helping out people with unedited samples.
Dustin Abbot’s review http://dustinabbott.net/2014/01/tamron-sp-150-600mm-f5-6-3-di-vc-usd-review/
Lensrentals Shoot-out http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2014/01/tamron-150-600-telezoom-shootout
ePhotozines Technical test http://www.ephotozine.com/article/tamron-sp-150-600mm-f-5-6-3-di-vc-usd-lens-review-23866
Chewyenfook’s Shoot Out  http://chewyenfook.smugmug.com/Photography/Tamro-150-600-VS-Canon-400mm/36134215_3P9q3W
New http://theamazingimage.com/wildlife/field-test-new-tamron-150-600mm-super-telephoto-zoom/#prettyPhoto
New http://it.wyswig.com/2014/01/02/review-tamron-sp-150-600mm-f5-6-3-di-vc-usd-english-review/


I can really back up Dustin Abbot’s Pro’s & Cons-list. Pretty much spot on.

28 thoughts on “Tamron 150-600: Review round-up”

  1. i personally wouldnt pay more then list price for any lens! theyll restock soon im sure! i can wait till spring anyway.

        1. thanks! they say the image quality drops after about 500mm have you tried f/8 at 500mm and compared to f/8 at 600mm? most reviews also say its sharpest at about f/8 throughout the zoom range.

  2. This time of the year in my area, bald eagles winter here for a few months, and I try to go out a least once a week to get some pictures. I have been using the canon 100-400 L, and have been quite happy with the lens in terms of sharpness and IQ. I ordered the Tamron to get the 50 percent increase in reach, but wanted to keep the Canon until had some time with the Tamron. I received it this week and got a chance to take it out today. My first impressions after using it in the field and seeing the resulting images when I got home are as follows:

    Most of the shots today were of eagles perched on a tree. In this situation, the lens is fantastic. The auto focus is fast, and the pictures were very sharp, and the images between 150-400, there is no visible difference between that an the Canon. If anything, I believe the pictures are just as sharp, but produces smoother bokeh. The pictures I took from 400-600 were surprisingly very good. It was sunny out, and I was able to stop down and there is a significant improvement in picture quality and sharpness at f9 / f11. I was very impressed.

    My quick observations on the auto focus and overall IQ- when at 150-400 I felt that the IQ was very comparable to the Canon. I didn’t feel that I missed any shots that I would have got with the Canon. 400-600 the IQ was decent with BIF, but I definately felt that there were shots I missed.

    I am going to go out with it a couple of more times, but what I sense is that it is a great 150-400 lens and good 400-600, and only not great in the sense of IQ over 400.

    So what does that mean? Most likely selling the Canon 100-400 if results remain consistent with those of my first outing

    1. thanks for the info,what camera body are you using,i plan on getting this lens for my 7d which will be 240-960mm. hoping to replace my 70-300L for wildlife.

        1. thanks! they say the image quality drops off after about 500mm,have you tried f/8 at 500mm and compared to f/8 at 600mm? most reviews say it sharpest at f/8 throughout the zoom range.

        2. i wish people would post shots at 600mm f/8 or f/9 for sharpest examples,everyone is posting wide open results, f/6.3 at 600mm which is not sharpest,its not representing the best results at 600mm so its really hard to judge. also most results are raw un touched examples and i think all raw files need some sharpening.

  3. I will post some pictures later this week and will post the link. Yes, as I stated earlier, the sharpness at 600 at f9 and f11 are very good. Just a small drop off compared to the lens at 400 where it seems to be the sharpest. My only complaint over 400 seems to be the IQ isn’t as good as it is under 400. At 600 at f9 with a slow moving subject- it’s a great lens. It’s following BIF at 600 where I felt it missed a few shots.

    Under 400 this lens is neck to neck with my canon in terms of sharpness and IQ. And over 400 the IQ just falls off a bit, but I honestly I have to keep things into perspective- no other lens I can afford can even get to those lengths. So I am missing a few shots I wouldn’t had been able to take to begin with.

    I did check one thing this morning- (again on a stationary bird in a tree) I cropped very sharp pictures at 400,500 to the size of my 600 example and the 600 (which was sharp to begin with) blew away the cropped pictures taken at 400-500.

    1. thanks so much for your response! im used to the sharpness of my 70-300L and from the reviews ive seen,they compared the 2 and its very close to the 70-300L as far as sharpness so i think ill be happy with it. i like what your saying as far as it being sharper at 600 then a cropped 400-500 shot!

  4. both this lens and my 70-300L were tested with 5dmk3 on ephotozine and the tamron was sharper at 150- 300mm and equal sharpness at 600mm as the 70-300L is at 300mm so if thats true then ill be happy! also tamron has rated better edge shapness. look forward to seeing your examples!

    1. Nice to see you getting some responses ive been at work. Will actually try out different apertures on tuesday. Sucks to work late, i dont see much daylight 🙂

      There is still the issue where the lens stops focusing for no apparent reason and refuses to continue for a few tries after half pressing, only happens with no points selected and at like 600mm.

      Im contacting Tamron tomorrow since i work at a camera store and see what they say, ive heard a few people with the same issue, tried it out with another copy today on the 70D, happened a few times.
      Its a big deal for the BIF-shooters. But ive never actually tried a 600mm lens in that kind of condition.

      But points selected, no problem at all 🙂

        1. thanks! i know if i showed un sharpened images from my 7d they are soft looking,after sharpening they are tack sharp! thats why id like to see low ISO,high shutter speed and f/8-f/9 examples. most examples ive seen are high ISO, low shutter speed and wide open which are obviously not the sharpest examples of what this lens can do.

          1. i pesume thats why alot of images ive seen from this lens look soft not to mention most photos arent full sized either so its very hard to judge this lens.

          2. i have seen good examples from this lens,just alot of not so good examples! when you do sharpen images and view them at 100% are they of good quality at 500-600 range? how do they compare to sharp lenses youve used? thanks for your replys!

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